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Hopeavesi produced by Carno impex ltd is product containing colloidal silver and silver-ions for external use. The concentration of Silver and silver-ions in silverwater is analyzed by the department of chemistry at the university of kuopio using AAS (atom absorption spectrophotometry). Hopeavesi is not categorized for drug.
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Using colloidal silver
Million of people all over the world are using Colloidal silver to treat bacterial, fungus and virus infections. Athletes, sportsmen/women, Convalescents and people with weakened immunity (radiotherapy, chemotherapy...) use colloidal silver as a prophylaxis to help their body to defend against harmful infections. The Swedish doctor Björn Nordenström at the Karolinska Institute and Hospital has used colloidal silver over years to support cancer patient's treatment.

Users by themselves have reported remarkable curing effects among others with the treatment of following diseases: Acne, particular inflammations, burn wounds, fungus infections, Herpes, Hepatitis, yeast fungus syndrome.

The Merck Manual, the worlds most comprehensive and best-known book for medical professionals, recommends the usage of silver among others for the treatment of burns and singes. The usage of silver makes the tissue scaring over less and so quickens the healing process and reduces pain.
In the USA there is a patent granted for colloidal silver. The patent is based on the evidenced effect of silver to prevent loss of hair and boost hair growth.
Colloidal Silver is also used to treat animals. There is a lot of experience using colloidal silver in the treatment of pets having all kind of infections, wounds and eczema in countries like Australia, New-Zealand and the USA; countries where colloidal silver is common in the medicine chest as one Australian women stated on her visit in Finland.

Silver safety
The human body tolerates colloidal silver extremely well making silver one of the safest preparations to be used in the treatment of diseases. In practice there is no evidence for silver being an allergenic (so called jewellery-silver allergies are caused by impurities in the silver used). Silver as colloidal metal and silver ions is proven to be safe for humans. Instead many silver salts are harmful to humans. In several countries doctors with a traditional education prescribe their patients colloidal silver and use it in their treatment because of its widely reported, effective and safe properties. Silver does not accumulate in the body; its half-life resting time is about 5-9 days and silver leaves the body completely within about 90 days. This means of course the "additional silver dose".

How silver works?
Silver is released into the environment from various industrial sources. Humans are exposed to silver and silver compounds orally, through the skin and through inhaling. In addition we take in silver with our food. The silver concentration in our food chain vary from 0.3 ppm in flour, 1 ppm in bran, 25...50 ppb in milk, 40 ppb in meat to fish with up to 10 ppm! This might be another reason for the important role fish is playing in our diet (Japanese eat a lot of fish and have the world's highest average life expectancy). So we are in contact with silver at all times.

Unfortunately we do not know how silver supply has developed in the course of time but some researchers question that it is sufficient. This might be compared for example to selenium, which has disappeared from our soil to such an extend that nowadays its sufficient supply is granted artificially through our food chain.

Silver can also be found in human tissue but its function is not known exactly. A human body contains an average of about 9 mg (50-year old) and it is bound in the skin, liver, hair, bones, soft tissue and elsewhere. Blood contains about 3 ppb silver, bones 10...40 ppb and soft tissue 10...250 ppb!

Mechanism of activity
The impact of silver on microbes is extensive.

Silver is also as a metal a very strong microbicide. Obviously already small concentrations that are freed from the silver surface through oxidation (through local currents caused by impurities) are sufficient to affect microorganisms. This efficiency even in very small concentrations is also called "oligodynamic" (oligo = sparse, Greek, Nägeli 1893). This effect is also utilized in disinfection (drinking, bathing and service water) and explains also the preference of silver in cutlery. In the past silver coins were used to keep milk fresh.

Silver ions form complexes with various cell components that contain sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen (proteins, enzymes, DNA/RNA). This way silver has a multiplex functionality that hinders processes in microbes.

Silver penetrates the cell membrane, binds to the functional proteins and inhibits their essential function.

Silver ions affect also structural proteins and damages they structure and stability. This leads to degradation of cell parts and finally cell death.

Cell membranes
The same way cell membranes are damaged and the ion-equilibrium (Na/K) is disturbed.

Nucleic acids
Silver ions interact with nucleic acids and disturb the cell's genetic information and cell division. The modes of action are more multiplex than antibiotics that usually affect only one enzyme or one part of the cell function.

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